Webcast: Built for Speed


WEBCAST: CIENA BUILT FOR SPEED.  Recorded Live at SCTE Cabletec Expo.

In the packet world, Ethernet is the key to success. But to win, you’ve got to go fast. Incredibly fast. Learn how Ciena has built packet solutions for speed.  And that’s not just network speed, but business speed–drive-your-bottom-line speed. If you sell Ethernet services, you can’t miss this. In 45 minutes or less, we’ll speed you through some serious Ethernet expertise.

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FOR STARTERS: hear from Scott Dixon—racecar driver and Indianapolis 500 winner, an expert on true speed.

SPEED WINS: Rick Dodd. Ciena Sr. VP of Marketing. He’ll provide the direct answers as to why the market is changing fast, and how you can respond with new Ethernet solutions even faster.

BUILT FOR SPEED: Kevin Sheehan, Ciena’s VP Business Planning & Strategy AND resident Ethernet expert, details how Ciena is built for speed. Presenting our packet solutions approach, he will show you why we’re beating the competition.

MARKET ANALYSIS: Erin Dunne, Vertical Systems Group’s Director of Research Services, will then outline key can’t-miss Ethernet market opportunities for Service Providers and Cable Operators.

HOW COMCAST CRUSHES IT: Scott Cassell, Sr. Director of Ethernet Product Management, Comcast, explains accelerating packet solutions for their customers, and how you can do it too.