Ethernet + Cloud Connectivity – 1 Year Later

Exactly one year ago,Ā Rosemary Cochran wrote an articleĀ describingĀ Ethernet ‘sĀ strategic roleĀ inĀ connecting toĀ public and private Clouds. The article, titled How Ethernet Enables Cloud Connectivity, was published on January 22, 2013Ā at Fierce Telecom.

Based onĀ Vertical Systems Group’s year-end research,Ā the trends identified in this article were right on.Ā Here are a few excerpts:

  • Cloud users want high speed, reliable, secure, manageable access to their applications. Monetization opportunities abound for Ethernet providers that can successfully deliver innovative cloud services and flexible connectivity solutions.
  • Hybrid implementations that incorporate both public and private cloud functionality are gaining traction, with advanced deployments integrating resources and cross-domain data sharing.
  • Ethernet-based cloud connectivity is also heating up for collocation companies (e.g., Equinix, Telx, etc.). Exchange services offer vendor-neutral connections among cloud providers, content/media providers, network service operators, and enterprises. Ethernet simplifies physical connections for exchange participants, and enables virtual interconnectivity. These capabilities facilitate new business models that disrupt the economics of traditional wide area networks. Look for exchange ecosystems to expand their cloud offerings during 2013.

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