MEF-CECP Benchmark Study Quantifies Effectiveness of MEF Professional Certification

MEF-CECP Benchmark Study Quantifies Effectiveness of MEF Professional Certification

Research documents the reasons MEF-CECPs value their certification

BOSTON, MA, June 14, 2016 – Vertical Systems Group announces the release of the MEF-CECP Effectiveness Benchmark Study, the first independent research effort to quantify the benefits of the MEF’s Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) certification program. Survey results show that an overwhelming 87 percent of MEF-CECP respondents believe that their investment in certification has been extremely or significantly worthwhile overall, including both personally and for their companies. More specifically, the value of MEF-CECP expertise garnered an Effectiveness Rating of 9.0 (out of 10) for helping to improve the typical Carrier Ethernet sales process, and a 9.3 rating for order flow improvements. The new study is based on survey responses from 330 MEF-CECPs representing 38 companies throughout the world, including service providers, equipment vendors, software suppliers and other firms.

“MEF-CECP certification has been widely considered a significant professional achievement and a worthwhile investment, however no practical metrics have been publicly available until now,” said Rosemary Cochran, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “For this benchmark study, our research focused on gaining objective input directly from MEF-CECPs to analyze how certification actually impacts job performance, career advancement and company success in the Carrier Ethernet market.”

The MEF-CECP Effectiveness Benchmark Study provides detailed quantification and insight on the value of certification for both the individuals who have achieved certification, as well as the companies who employ them. Highlights of the research include:

  • Nearly 90 percent (87 percent) believe that their investment in certification has been extremely or significantly worthwhile.
  • Three-quarters (73 percent) of MEF-CECPs involved in selling Carrier Ethernet solutions say that their expertise has resulted in sales process improvements. The top reason cited was reduced technical miscommunication when interacting with customers.
  • Over half (56 percent) of MEF-CECPs involved in order flow processes for Carrier Ethernet products or services say that their expertise has resulted in improvements. The top reason cited was more skillful design of the right solution to fit a customer’s needs.
  • The vast majority (85 percent) of MEF-CECPs surveyed are either planning or considering re-certification.
  • Two-thirds (64 percent) of all survey respondents believe that their MEF-CECP expertise has helped strengthen their company’s position in the Carrier Ethernet market.

“As a global network services provider, we can’t overstate the value of a highly skilled professional workforce, which is why we’re been an ardent supporter of the MEF-CECP program since its inception,” said Laurinda Pang, regional president of North America and Asia Pacific at Level 3. “With more than 500 certified professionals, we’ve been able to create a highly knowledgeable and consultative sales and support organization that is focused on delivering the solutions our customers need to be successful now and in the future. The result of these efforts has been strong continued growth and industry recognition through our high rankings on the U.S. and Global Provider Vertical Systems Group LEADERBOARDs along with the slate of Ethernet Excellence Awards that we received at the MEF’s annual conference and awards ceremony last year.”

“The MEF-CECP is the telecommunications industry’s leading independent professional certification program,” said Nan Chen, President of the MEF. “It was designed to establish a baseline understanding of the MEF’s service definitions and related technologies, enabling the next generation of telecommunication professionals to respond to the growing worldwide demand for Carrier Ethernet products and services. The results reported in the MEF-CECP Effectiveness Benchmark Study confirm the value of the certification program and document the gains for both the individuals and the companies who have invested in becoming certified in the first five years of the program.”

Additional Resources

  • View a replay of the MEF WebinarBusiness Benefits of Becoming a MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional, for more study results.
  • View infographic on the study’s key findings at Vertical BLOG.
  • Access detailed results of the MEF-CECP Effectiveness Benchmark Study through Vertical Systems Group’s ENS Research Programs.

About the MEF-CECP Certification Exam
The Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) program was developed by the MEF to create a common understanding of Carrier Ethernet service definitions, MEF technical specifications and applications within the community of professionals working with Carrier Ethernet. The MEF-CECP exam is continually updated to ensure that it reflects the ongoing work of the MEF’s Technical and Operations Committee. To ensure that MEF-CECPs maintain up to date with the new work, the MEF requires renewal of the certification every three years.

Study Research Methodology
Vertical Systems Group conducted the MEF-CECP Effectiveness Benchmark Study and is responsible for the study results. Research data was collected through an online survey developed by Vertical Systems Group, with input from the Carrier Ethernet Academy (CEA), which sponsored the study. The survey was distributed to MEF-CECPs worldwide who attended CEA’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp training. All survey responses were anonymous, with the exception of company information, which was used for verification.

About The Carrier Ethernet Academy
The Carrier Ethernet Academy (CEA) is a MEF Accredited Training Provider, and the industry’s first and only training institution focused exclusively on Carrier Ethernet and the work of the MEF. To date, CEA has trained over 3,000 MEF-CECPs worldwide, and its commitment to excellence in Carrier Ethernet education is world-renowned. The Academy’s faculty consists of Carrier Ethernet experts who provide individualized instruction using the highest quality courseware and advanced learning tools. For more information on CEA’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp training, contact the Academy at, +1 855 633 2327.

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