ENS-logo-transEmerging Networks Service Use Agreement

Use of the ENS Research Program website is governed by the following terms, conditions and disclaimers, collectively. Your usage of this site means you, the user, agree to these terms.

  1. The market information, graphics, research data, and opinions (collectively referred to as Market Research Content) accessible through this ENS (Emerging Networks Service) Research Program site are prepared and owned by Vertical Systems Group, Inc.
  2. Access to Market Research Content herein is available exclusively on a subscription basis for client companies of Vertical Systems Group, Inc.
  3. As a condition of accessing this site and the Market Research Content, you represent and warrant that you are currently employed by a client company of Vertical Systems Group, Inc. Further, you represent that you are in compliance with the user restrictions of your company’s subscription agreement. If you are not sure of your authorization status, please contact your ENS Subscription Administrator or Vertical Systems Group.
  4. Individuals who do not meet the requirements of paragraph 3 above are explicitly prohibited from accessing this site or receiving ENS Market Research Content supplied by you in any format without the prior written consent of Vertical Systems Group. These non-authorized individuals include customers, prospects, consultants, economists, contractors, accountants, outside attorneys, bankers, educators, outside trainers, agents, and any other individual that is not an employee of a client company of Vertical Systems Group.
  5. The Market Research Content is the property of Vertical Systems Group, Inc. and is protected by copyright law and other applicable statutes. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, create derivative works, disseminate, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate, submit to regulatory agencies or commercially exploit the Market Research Content in any manner outside of the restrictions of your subscription agreement without the express written consent of Vertical Systems Group, Inc.
  6. You acknowledge that unauthorized distribution of Market Research Content may cause damage to Vertical Systems Group, Inc. by limiting the potential market for such information, and that any breach of this Use Agreement may subject your organization to additional license fees as appropriate.
  7. The distribution of passwords within your organization is strictly limited to authorized employees of your company as specified by the terms of your subscription package.
  8. THIS SITE IS MONITORED FOR UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS. Vertical Systems Group reserves the right to terminate a subscription account and to take any other action deemed appropriate, without limitation, including seeking criminal prosecution, for the theft of Market Research Content.
  9. Market Research Content provided herein has been produced using various research methodologies executed or endorsed by Vertical Systems Group, Inc. All content is provided to you with no warranty expressed or implied. In no event shall Vertical Systems Group, Inc. be liable for any damages of any kind or nature including direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising from use of this website.
  10. This Agreement is updated periodically and is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.