Red Sox & Business Ethernet

Picture_Red_Sox_CDN_2013 World Champions

Throughout Vertical Systems Group’s history, I’ve used the Boston Red Sox as a metaphor to describe various networking industry trends. In retrospect, the subtext has ranged from cynicism to optimism, largely dependent on the team’s performance in the World Series. This week, the 2013 Red Sox achieved the first Fenway Park win since 1918, and the third championship in this decade.

Yes, there is an industry-related connection here. “It really can happen. Red Sox fans have proof of that,” was the ending to my article, Business Ethernet Services – If You Build It, Will They Come?, which was published in Business Communications Review in October 2006. The article offers an overview of the evolution of Business Ethernet services, and the challenges ahead at that time.

You may recognize the title from the sports melodrama, Field of Dreams, about a man who builds a baseball field in his Iowa cornfield to accommodate the ghosts of Chicago White Sox ballplayers who were accused of throwing the 1919 World Series. Following a pilgrimage to Fenway Park, the main character achieves personal redemption because he understands what actually happened in the past and finally realizes why. If you would like to read the full article, please Contact Us.

Posted by Rosemary Cochran