Cable the Fastest Growing Ethernet Segment

BTR - March 29, 2017

According to Vertical Systems Group, cable is the fastest growing segment in its Ethernet LEADERBOARD rankings. Spectrum Enterprise (Charter), Comcast, Cox, and Altice USA have gained a position on the 2016 Cable MSO Provider Segment LEADERBOARD, which ranks cable operators in order based on U.S. retail Ethernet port share for the segment.

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Bringing High Quality Carrier Ethernet Training to the Industry

TELECOM REVIEW - March 22, 2017

Telecom Review: What can you share about the MEF-CECP Effectiveness Benchmark Study?

Craig Easley, Carrier Ethernet Academy: It’s the first independent study conducted to measure impact of Carrier Ethernet training and MEF-CECP certification on job performance, personal career achievement and company success in the Carrier Ethernet market.  Conducted by Vertical Systems Group and released in 2016, the study was based on survey responses from 330 MEF-CECPs representing 38 companies throughout the world, including service providers, equipment vendors, software suppliers and others.

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AT&T’s SDN, NFV focus accelerates third-place global Ethernet ranking over BT

FIERCE TELECOM - March 3, 2017

AT&T’s ongoing movement to migrate to a software-oriented network environment that incorporates NFV and SDN has enabled the telco to advance its global Ethernet standing. The service provider recently took over the number-three spot from BT on Vertical Systems Group’s 2016 Global Ethernet Leaderboard, where it now trails only Orange and Colt.

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Carrier Ethernet Growing at a Web-Scale Pace


The market for Carrier Ethernet (CE) has come a long way in the last several years as protocols and technologies evolve to keep pace with Web-scale networking. CE still has plenty of room for maturity and growth as service providers and operators scramble to penetrate business and home markets with new technologies and services.

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Vertical Systems Group Publishes 2016 Global Provider Ethernet LEADERBOARD

MEF IN THE NEWS - March 2, 2017

The three leading Global Providers on Vertical Systems Group’s 2016 LEADERBOARD – Orange, Colt and AT&T – are working with MEF and TM Forum on developing the first standardized inter-provider LSO APIs for orchestrated Carrier Ethernet services over SDN architectures. These efforts are a significant advancement toward standardizing dynamic service connectivity between network providers throughout the world.

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Windstream Recognized for Strong Ethernet Growth

TELECOMPETITOR - February 28, 2017

Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, today announced that for the second straight year it has climbed analyst firm Vertical Systems Group’s annual ranking of U.S. Ethernet providers.

Each year, Vertical Systems Group issues its Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD rankings that include providers with the largest domestic market share. Windstream’s continued capital investments in its local and national fiber networks have resulted in strong market growth that has allowed the company to continue to move up the analyst firm’s ranking.

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AT&T, Orange, Colt to jointly develop SDN-based business API standards

FIERCE TELECOM - February 28, 2017

“Our research shows that the number one issue impeding the delivery of on-demand services is the need for a standardized approach to orchestrating services across multiple provider networks,” said Rosemary Cochran, principal of Vertical Systems Group in a release. “This initiative led by industry leaders to collaboratively standardize on APIs for Ethernet services is an essential step toward tackling this challenge.”

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XO Communications Continues to Rank Seventh on Vertical Systems Group Ethernet LEADERBOARD

XO PULSE BLOG - February 27, 2017

XO Communications, for a third consecutive time, ranked number seven among the top U.S. Ethernet providers on the Vertical Systems Group (VSG) U.S. Carrier LEADERBOARD at the end of 2016.  XO has held the number seven rank since VSG’s mid-year 2015 evaluation.  Rankings are measured by the number of customer ports in service based on input from surveys of Ethernet providers.

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AT&T tops Vertical Systems Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard

CAPACITY - February 24, 2017

AT&T maintained top spot on the Vertical Systems US Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, ahead of Level 3 and Spectrum Enterprise.

The ranking is based on retail part share, and only counts providers with a 4% share or higher of the US Ethernet services market. Vertical Systems Group measures the number of customer ports in service, with input from Ethernet providers, to develop the rankings.


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Vertical Systems Group Names Windstream One of the Nation’s Top Ethernet Providers

WINDSTREAM - February 24, 2017

We have spent the past two years investing heavily in our Windstream business technology, people and processes to give our customers a best-in- class experience. Over that period, we have seen a number of improvements that have increased the reliability, scalability and efficiency of our solutions.

One example is our Ethernet service. Last year, we were honored to be recognized by Vertical Systems Group as one of the top Ethernet providers in the nation.

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Comcast Business Provides Enterprise Customers with Private Ethernet Connectivity to the Microsoft Cloud

NEW YORK TIMES - January 12, 2017

“As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services to virtualize more of their IT applications, they require connectivity with measurable performance, reliability and security,” said Rosemary Cochran, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “The addition of Comcast Business to the Microsoft ExpressRoute partner network offers companies the cloud connectivity they need, backed by the reach and flexibility of Comcast’s expansive Ethernet service footprint.”

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Colt expands US presence to battle AT&T, Verizon for multinational business customers

FIERCE TELECOM - November 16, 2016

…Colt’s aggressive expansion has enabled it to gain a second place standing on Vertical Systems Group’s latest Global Ethernet Leaderboard.

“Colt has been expanding, particularly in Asia,” said Rosemary Cochran, principal of Vertical Systems Group, in an earlier interview with FierceTelecom. “The service provider moved up to third position ahead of BT Global at the end of 2015 and is now second to Orange.”

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Orange retains top rank in ethernet leaderboard update

CAPACITY - September 8, 2016

Vertical Systems’s mid-year 2016 Global Provider Ethernet Leaderboard, adjusted based on mid-2016 share results, show little movement at the top of the Ethernet leaders rankings.

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Charter Communications Ranks High at #3 on Vertical Systems Group’s U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD

CHARTER - August 23, 2016

Spectrum Enterprise, the enterprise services provided by Charter Communications, Inc., today announced it was ranked #3 on the Vertical Systems Group’s U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD for Mid-Year 2016. The Vertical Systems Group LEADERBOARD is the industry’s foremost benchmark for measuring Ethernet Service Provider market presence.

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Charter into Top 3 Ethernet Providers, Surpasses Verizon

YAHOO! FINANCE - August 22, 2016

As per data provided by the Vertical System Group’s Mid-Year 2016 U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, Charter Communications Inc. CHTR has surpassed Verizon as the third largest Ethernet carrier in the U.S. The ranking is based upon the retail port share of each provider.

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Charter Jumps Ahead of Verizon to Take Third Place in U.S. Carrier Ethernet Ranking

CED - August 19, 2016

Charter’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House pushed the operator ahead of Verizon in Vertical Systems Group’s latest U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard results, and makes it the largest cable provider of retail Ethernet services, according to the research. Charter was added to the ranking for the first time at the third position based on aggregated ports from its TWC/Bright House acquisitions in May. Back at the end of 2015, TWC was the top cable operator and ranked fifth on the U.S. board, while Charter and Bright House were in the “challenge tier.”

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Charter Bumps Verizon, Chases AT&T, Level 3 In Ethernet

CHANNEL PARTNERS - August 19, 2016

Charter Communications’ two gargantuan acquisitions earlier this year have helped the cable company leapfrog into the list of top Ethernet service providers.

AT&T and Level 3 (No. 1 and No. 2, respectively) still lead the Vertical Systems Group’s U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, but Charter has surpassed Verizon and a host of telecommunications and cable giants in the latest rankings.

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Charter beats Verizon into third position in US carrier Ethernet rankings

CAPACITY MEDIA - August 19, 2016

As AT&T keeps its lead position Charter has beaten Verizon into third place in the Vertical Systems’ US carrier ethernet leaderboard.

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Charter Climbs Carrier Ethernet Ladder

MULTICHANNEL NEWS - August 18, 2016

Thanks in large part to its acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, Charter Communications is now the third-largest supplier of Carrier Ethernet services, trailing only AT&T and Level 3 Communications.

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Charter bumps out Verizon as third largest U.S. Ethernet provider, gains lead from TWC, Bright House acquisitions

FIERCE TELECOM - August 18, 2016

Charter Communications has taken over the third place in the U.S. Ethernet race, edging out Verizon in terms of port share. The jump reflects the gains it made from its acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Communications.

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Vertical Systems: Shakeup in Mid-2016 U.S. Ethernet Leaderboard

CONVERGE DIGEST - August 18, 2016

There is a shake-up in Vertical Systems Group’s U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD results for mid-2016, as Charter surges ahead of Verizon into third position due to its acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House.

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AT&T, Level 3 international Ethernet expansion threatens BT, Orange’s hold

FIERCE TELECOM - March 31, 2016

AT&T and Level 3 have become greater competitive threats in the global Ethernet market to BT and Orange by continually expanding their service offerings and presence in Europe and other countries outside of North America.

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MEF Provides Strategic Update For Agile, Assured & Orchestrated Third Network Services

MEF - March 17, 2016

Advances Work On Dynamic CE 2.0 & Layer 3 IP Services, LSO, New Open Initiatives

The MEF is pleased to provide an update on its expanded scope of work that is accelerating the industry transition to agile, assured, and orchestrated services optimized for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world. The MEF now has more than 30 ongoing projects & initiatives to enable creation of Third Network services that offer user-directed control over service capabilities and cloud connectivity.

Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group:
“Operators worldwide are actively integrating SDN and NFV into their networks in order to support advanced capabilities like dynamic Ethernet connectivity that are not possible to deliver using legacy service infrastructures. The MEF’s initiatives combining CE 2.0 as a foundation, LSO, plus Open Source provide operators with an essential standardized framework to help drive the industry transition towards more flexible network services.”

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Cable MSOs Challenge Telecom Providers in Ethernet Market

ZACK'S - March 11, 2016

Per research carried out by the Vertical Systems Group, a data analytical firm, cable MSOs like Time Warner Cable Inc. and Comcast Corp. are giving telecom providers like AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and Level 3 Communications Inc. a run for their money in the domestic Ethernet carrier market.

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Level 3 Expands MEF 2.0 Carrier Ethernet Services into Europe

LEVEL 3 - March 7, 2016

Level 3 today announces the expansion of its Ethernet services product portfolio to 27 locations across Europe.

  • Vertical Systems Group recently released an analysis of dynamic Ethernet connectivity services naming Level 3’s Dynamic Capacity one of the top dynamic Ethernet services for retail customers
  • Level 3 continues to rank in Vertical’s LEADERBOARDs as a top provider for Global Provider and U.S. Carrier Ethernet services.
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Windstream enhances Ethernet position by expanding on-net fiber, network partnerships

FIERCE TELECOM - March 1, 2016

Windstream is seeing its efforts to build out Ethernet services into more of Tier 2 markets it serves pay off. The service provider is gaining momentum with customers as it improves the reach of its network via internal builds and carrier partnerships.

“They have increased their Type 2 last mile Ethernet access partners so they increased their out of footprint sites,” said Rick Malone, principal of Vertical Systems Group, in an interview with FierceTelecom. “They had 33 partners at the end of 2014 and now they have 57 partners so quite a few last mile partners in those tertiary markets.”

Malone added that having a larger amount of last mile partners helps Windstream’s Ethernet pricing regime to more effectively battle cable MSOs like Comcast Business and Time Warner Cable Business Class.

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Verizon builds breadth, depth with XO fiber buy, but gaps still remain

FIERCE TELECOM - February 29, 2016

Service providers have increasingly cited deploying fiber to more buildings as a priority for Ethernet services. Respondents to a Vertical Systems Group fiber survey said in 2015 that expanding the reach of their fiber network was a primary growth challenge.

Rosemary Cochran, principal of Vertical Systems Group, told FierceTelecom in an email that the acquisition won’t have a great near-term effect on the telco’s standings in the research firm’s recently released U.S. Ethernet Leaderboard.

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Vertical Systems Group Releases Carrier Ethernet Rankings

IT BUSINESS EDGE - February 25, 2016

Vertical Systems Group today released its influential rankings of Carrier Ethernet providers.

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U.S. Ethernet market grew by 20% in 2015, Vertical says

FIERCE TELECOM - February 25, 2016

Vertical Systems Group (VSG) welcomed Windstream as a new entrant for its U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard results for 2015, a year marked by impressive growth for the market.

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Windstream Moves Up Vertical Systems Group Ethernet LEADERBOARD Rankings

WINDSTREAM - February 25, 2016

“Demand for Ethernet services remains strong, especially in the segments of the market where Windstream is targeting its strategic services,” said Rick Malone, principal of Vertical Systems Group. “This is Windstream’s inaugural appearance on our LEADERBOARD, and the company’s continued investments in its fiber networks should put it in solid position for next year as well.”

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Windstream Joins AT&T-Led Carrier Ethernet List

CHANNEL PARTNERS - February 25, 2016

Vertical Systems Group’s latest U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard (2015) is out, and there’s a new member of the elite group.

It’s Windstream Communications, which cracked the list by garnering at least 4 percent of the Ethernet services market. Shares are measured by number of ports in service at business and enterprises as tracked by Vertical, with input from surveys of Ethernet providers.

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Can Cable Ride Ethernet to Enterprises?

LIGHT READING TV - December 21, 2015

Light Reading TV: Vertical Systems Group’s Erin Dunne dissects cable MSO’s Ethernet success and examines the challenges operators face in the enterprise market.


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Ethernet Outlook


The outlook for Ethernet is very robust, according to Rosemary Cochran, Principal & Founder, Vertical Systems Group. Her firm is forecasting that by 2020 there will be over 4 million retail ports installed.

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GEN15 Spotlight Q&A: Matthew Duckworth, Verizon Partner Solutions

THIRD NETWORK NEWS - October 8, 2015

Third Network News – Verizon is one of the leading providers of Carrier Ethernet services in the world, consistently ranking near the top of Vertical Systems Group’s Global and U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARDs, which track carrier connections.

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XO Communications Advances Second Time in 12 Months on Vertical Systems Group Ethernet LEADERBOARD

XO COMMUNICATIONS - September 24, 2015

XO Communications is now ranked seventh among the top U.S. Ethernet providers on the Vertical Systems Group U.S. Carrier LEADERBOAD.

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VSG: Charter’s pending TWC deal could shake up Ethernet services market

FIERCE TELECOM - August 25, 2015

If Charter Communications is successful in acquiring fellow cable MSOs Time Warner Cable and Bright House, it could alter the dynamics of the Ethernet market once again.

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AT&T, Level 3 Lead Ethernet Ranks as Mergers Threaten More Shake-up

CHANNEL PARTNERS - August 25, 2015

The analysts at VSG are out with their mid-year Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, which, based on retail port share, puts AT&T in the No. 1 spot, followed in order by Level 3, Verizon, CenturyLink, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, XO Communications and Cox.

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CenturyLink’s 1 Gbps fiber now available to nearly 490,000 SMB locations in 17 states, delivering enterprise-class IP networking, VoIP and cloud capabilities


“Fiber-based network services that range up to a gigabit are scarcely available to small and medium size businesses,” said Rosemary Cochran, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “The ongoing expansion of CenturyLink’s fiber footprint is narrowing the gap for this sizable market.”

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Emerging SDN/NFV Market Serves Up Plenty Of Challenges For Carrier Ethernet Providers


A significant number of network operators are beginning to deploy Software Defined Network/Network Functions Virtualization (SDN/NFV) solutions to make services and associated applications easier to manage, grow and monetize – as well as to improve the customer experience. As they begin their migrations, however, service providers are facing a number of complex challenges, according to Rosemary Cochran, principal analyst and co-founder at Vertical Systems Group, Inc., Boston.

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Researchers: Percentage of Fiber-Connected Buildings Exceeds 40%

TELECOMPETITOR - April 3, 2015

More and more commercial and multi-tenant buildings in the U.S. are being wired with optical fiber. Back in 2004, fiber’s penetration rate in such buildings stood at 10.9 percent. As of year-end 2014, that had nearly quadrupled, rising to 42.5 percent, according to the latest market research from Vertical Systems Group.

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Vertical Systems Group’s Market Segment Ethernet LEADERBOARDS Show How MSOs, CLECs & ILECS Compete, Co-Exist


For the third consecutive year, Vertical Systems Group has published separate year-end LEADERBOARDs for Cable Multiple System Operators (MSOs), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers. These provide insight into each market segment and the U.S. retail Ethernet market as a whole, according to Rick Malone, principal of the Boston-based consultancy.

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Ethernet: AT&T, Other Incumbents Grow More Slowly Than Comcast, Cablecos

CHANNEL PARTNERS - March 13, 2015

“As a group, incumbent carriers had slower Ethernet growth than competitive providers or cable MSOs,” said Rick Malone, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “However, incumbents made considerable service advances in 2014, including investments in fiber builds and stronger integration with other offerings. Despite the challenges of mature technologies and a cost structure that can be uncompetitive for out-of-region sites, incumbents lead in the delivery of more complex nationwide networks.”

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AT&T, Verizon remain top incumbent Ethernet providers, says VSG

FIERCE TELECOM - March 12, 2015

AT&T and Verizon may be facing new challenges from a host of new cable and CLEC competitors, but out of the incumbent telcos the pair continues to be the dominant duo in the Ethernet services market, according to Vertical Systems Group’s latest U.S. Incumbent Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard.

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VSG: Orange, BT maintain top global Ethernet ranking with broad reach, fiber footprint

FIERCE TELECOM - March 6, 2015

Orange Business and BT continued to hold on to their top spots in Vertical Systems Group’s Ethernet Leaderboard due to continually broadening their reach and fiber footprint into more locations to satisfy multinational corporation needs.

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Cable Continues to Thrive in Carrier Ethernet Segment

BTR - March 4, 2015

The cable industry’s success in the carrier Ethernet segment is continuing. In its Leaderboard report for the end of 2014, which was released in mid-February, Vertical Systems Group found that three of the top eight providers are cable MSOs.

Cable operators’ CE offerings and strategy to the market are not monolithic. Indeed, Rick Malone, VSG’s co-founder and principal, said each approaches the market in unique ways dependent upon their business goals, their legacy infrastructure and the nature of their footprint.

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Level 3’s Storey says incumbents’ wireless focus gives it more enterprise opportunities

FIERCE TELECOM - March 3, 2015

One of the services that’s fueling Level 3’s enterprise growth is Ethernet.

Interestingly, Level 3 knocked off Verizon as the second largest Ethernet provider in terms of port share, according to Vertical Systems Group’s year-end 2014 Ethernet Leaderboard.

Rosemary Cochran, principal of Vertical Systems Group, said that Level 3’s aggressive Ethernet strategy combined with its acquisition of tw telecom helped improve its standing and represents an overall shake-up of the Ethernet services industry via ongoing consolidation of key players.

“Besides their acquisition of tw telecom, which had a solid third position behind AT&T and Verizon, Level 3 moved up ahead of Verizon. This was another major thing because Verizon held the number two position for a long time,” Cochran said. “That combined with the assets that tw telecom and Level 3 had pushed Level 3 into second place.”

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Comcast Business Sets Ethernet Pace

MULTICHANNEL NEWS - February 27, 2015

Comcast Business retained its spot as the fastest-growing Ethernet provider in the U.S. in 2014, matching the distinction the MSO achieved in 2013, according to new data from Vertical Systems Group.

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Verizon Dips From Second To Third Place On Vertical Systems Group’s 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD

CARRIER ETHERNET NEWS - February 26, 2015

After holding second place on Vertical Systems Group’s U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard since its inception, Verizon dropped into third place at the end of 2014. Level 3, which acquired tw telecom last year, moved into second place behind market leader AT&T, according to Rick Malone, principal for the Boston-based consultancy.

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Comcast Business Named Fastest Growing Ethernet Provider on Vertical Systems Group’s Year-End 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD

COMCAST - February 25, 2015

Comcast Business today announced that it was named the fastest growing Ethernet provider on Vertical Systems Group’s 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD. This is the second consecutive year that Comcast Business was named the fastest growing Ethernet provider, which helped drive its ranking up two spots to sixth on the research firm’s latest LEADERBOARD based on year-end 2014 U.S. business Ethernet port share results. Vertical Systems Group is recognized worldwide as a leading market research firm and its LEADERBOARD is the industry’s foremost benchmark for measuring Ethernet provider market presence based on billable retail port installations.

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New MEF White Paper Explains Lifecycle Service Orchestration’s Role As Essential Enabler Of Dynamic Network Services

MEF - February 25, 2015

Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group, said: “Enterprise customers are increasingly demanding quick turn-up of carrier-class services with value-added feature sets. No single service provider has the footprint reach to address these requirements across all customer locations. The MEF’s LSO framework aims to streamline the deployment of end-to-end, enhanced business class services over multiprovider, multi- technology networks.”

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The Fasted Growing Ethernet Provider Two Years Running

COMCAST - February 25, 2015

Comcast Business has earned the distinction on Vertical Systems Group’s year-end 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD. The company’s expanded focus on data center and cloud connectivity, award-winning new Ethernet @Home service and customer momentum helped fuel a second-consecutive year as the fastest growing U.S. Ethernet provider.

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AT&T Leads, But Level 3 Passes Verizon in Ethernet Share

CHANNEL PARTNERS - February 24, 2015

Level 3 Communications’ 2014 acquisition of tw telecom not only made it a much larger network-services provider — it’s now a bigger player in carrier Ethernet.

Level 3 jumped up the latest Vertical Systems Group Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, which ranks companies based on number of retail ports in 2014. The Colorado-based communications giant is now in second place, trailing only AT&T. Verizon is third.

CenturyLink, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox and XO Communications round out the list. To make it onto the leaderboard, a company must have at least 4 percent market share.

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Level 3 vaults to 2nd place on Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard

CED - February 20, 2015

Thanks to its acquisition of tw telecom last year, Level 3 has moved into second-place on Vertical System Group’s U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard.

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VSG: Level 3’s tw telecom acquisition helps it surpass Verizon in Ethernet race

FIRECE TELECOM - February 19, 2015

Level 3 Communications’ acquisition of tw telecom continues to have a rippling effect as it has enabled the service provider to surpass Verizon for the No. 2 spot in Vertical Systems Group’s 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard.

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Breaking Down Carrier Ethernet Sales by World Region


Vertical Systems Group is forecasting Carrier Ethernet to comprise 75% of global business services bandwidth by 2017 – a particularly impressive growth rate considering that legacy services comprised 93% of all business services bandwidth in 2003, according to the research firm.

Carrier Ethernet growth rates vary from one part of the world to another, though. Carrier Ethernet News talked with Vertical Systems Group Principal Rosemary Cochran recently about the factors shaping Carrier Ethernet supply and demand in various world regions.

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Global Capacity Completes Acquisition of MegaPath’s Network Services Business

TELECOMPETITOR - January 6, 2015

“Market factors, including Ethernet and cloud growth as well as the proliferation of higher bandwidth applications are creating unprecedented demand for connectivity services,” said Erin Dunne, Director of Research, Vertical Systems Group. “Global Capacity and MegaPath’s combined network and automation systems form a business that eases the process of extending network connectivity.”

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