Cable Next Gen Digital Symposium 2021

Erin Dunne moderates the Cashing in on the Cloud panel.

December 9, 2021
JSA Virtual Roundtable

Rosemary Cochran chairs the JSA CEO Virtual Roundtable: Positioning Our Industry for the Next Phase of Digital Transformation: The Crossroads Between Hybrid IT Cloud and Edge. Vertical Systems Group is a Media Partner for this JSA event.

November 18, 2021
Federations for Digital Transformation

The days of vanilla connectivity services are gone. In their stead, we see service providers offer increasingly complex and dynamic services combining connectivity, compute and storage with low latency and high levels of security. However, no one service provider has every single components of such services in its own inventory and so they will buy them from a wide range of partners in a very large, heterogeneous and competitive ecosystem.

This Infinite Edge episode explores how that ecosystem is built upon a federation of trusted and interconnected partners that can participate in complex service supply chains that deliver a multitude of cloud-based services in minutes rather than months.

In this sixth episode, Rosemary Cochran will join top experts to share their vision, experience, and expertise and address top-of-mind questions on this exciting market.

June 9, 2021
Business Fiber Trends - How Fiber Providers and Emerging Services Are Lighting Up the U.S. Landscape

In this session of Fiber for Breakfast, Rosemary Cochran, Principal and Co-Founder, Vertical Systems Group, discusses how Fiber Providers are expanding the base of lit commercial buildings and data centers across the country, and outlines the key trends and services driving demand. Today’s U.S. Business Fiber landscape includes more than one million on-net sites, supplied by hundreds of retail and wholesale providers. The annual benchmark for measuring market leadership in this segment is Vertical’s Fiber Lit Buildings LEADERBOARD, which ranks the top providers based on fiber penetration rates. Latest research analysis shows that while the pandemic hampered installations during 2020, emerging services such as 5G plus opportunities in the small buildings segment will boost rollouts of new business fiber in 2021.

Fiber for Breakfast Webinar - replay available
May 26, 2021
NetEvents inter@ctive

This event, chaired by Erin Dunne, will consider the migration issues for enterprise customers and providers, including Telcos offering new value-added services alongside MPLS, plus the solutions offered by SD-WAN system vendors and the new generation of Cloud Networks and Services now entering the market.

Migrating MPLS Networks to the New Era of Cloud Networking
March 23, 2021
MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept

This MEF program enables member service providers and technology suppliers collaborate to demonstrate MEF 3.0-based use cases that validate, evolve, and inspire the work of MEF—using principles of our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework. Rosemary Cochran and Erin Dunne are on the MEF Excellence Awards and Proof of Concept judging committees.

February 16, 2021
SD-WAN: Infinite Hype or Infinite Possibilities?

SD-WAN has emerged as one of the hottest networking markets as enterprises adopt SD-WAN services and technologies as a critical step on their digital transformation journey.

In this first episode, Erin Dunne will join top experts to share their vision, experience, and expertise on SD-WAN and address top-of-mind questions on this exciting market:.

November 18, 2020