Status Advisory: Year-End 2013 Ethernet LEADERBOARDs

Vertical Systems Group’s LEADERBOARDs are¬†industry benchmarks for recognizing Service Providers based on market presence. Year-end 2013 share results will be released soon for the U.S. and Global Provider Ethernet services markets, as well as for three U.S. provider segments – Incumbent Carrier, Competitive Provider, and Cable MSO.

Our¬†Year-End 2013 Service Provider Survey was¬†distributed last week¬†to hundreds of network operators throughout the world. This¬†survey¬†collects key information covering Ethernet and Dedicated IP VPN services installations and trends, as well as Cloud Connectivity offerings. All detailed responses¬†remain confidential. Survey response data is correlated with our independent research on enterprise customer installations and purchase plans. This¬†information is utilized to¬†update¬†Vertical’s market models, as well as to calculate Ethernet LEADERBOARD market share rankings.

All providers completing this survey may opt in to obtain their company’s¬†confidential share information based on final year-end 2013 results. Subscribers to ENS @Ethernet Market Analysis and Markets + Migration Research Programs have full access to detailed Ethernet¬†share results plus market¬†quantification and analysis.

If you represent a Service Provider and do not already receive our Ethernet and IP VPN Surveys, please contact us. See LEADERBOARD releases for previous share results and more on methodology.