2016 Global Provider Ethernet Port Share Results

Detailed year-end 2016 Global Provider Ethernet market share results are available now on Vertical Systems Group’s syndicated ENS Research Program portal. See below for a description of our expanded research coverage. Contact Us now to subscribe!



Expanded coverage available now includes the following Research Topics:

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> 2016 Global Provider Port Share Detail:

  • Detailed analysis of Year-End 2016 Carrier Ethernet Services port share results for LEADERBOARD-ranked companies.
  • LEADERBOARD and Challenge Tier provider rankings for 2016 as compared to 2015.
  • Port distribution ¬†for the LEADERBOARD, Challenge Tier and Market Player provider tiers.
  • List of Market Player companies (Providers selling retail Ethernet services outside of their home country with port share below 1%).
  • Final Global Provider Carrier Ethernet port installation counts and growth rates for year-end 2016.
  • Figures & Table (3): Year End 2016 Port Share by Global Provider (pie chart); Port Share by Global Provider Tier (chart); Year-End 2016 Global Provider Port Share (Table)

> 2016 Top Global Provider Service Profiles:

  • Profiles of all LEADERBOARD-ranked companies.
  • Analysis includes 2016¬†port share, year-to-year port share change, historical share data, Ethernet business performance, market positioning, product portfolio enhancements and company strategies.

> MEF Certifications for Top Global Providers:

  • MEF CE 1.0/2.0 status for all LEADERBOARD and Challenge Tier providers.
  • Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) counts for all LEADERBOARD and Challenge Tier providers as of February 2017.
  • Figures (2): MEF CE 2.0 Status¬†for top Global Providers; Number of MEF-CECPs by Top Global Provider

Included with all ENS @Ethernet Subscriptions
> WW Directory of Ethernet Service Providers:

  • Vertical Systems Group‚Äôs database covering¬†hundreds of Ethernet providers worldwide.
  • Searchable and sortable by HQ country, MEF CE 2.0 status, U.S. Provider Segment

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