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> New Dynamic Network Services Powered by CE 2.0, LSO, SDN & NFV
> Video: Can Cable Ride Ethernet to Enterprises?
> Live Events: MEF16 Conference...

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> Mid-Year 2015 Global Provider and U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARDs
> Vertical BLOG: Who Needs Dynamic Ethernet Connectivity Services?
> Vertical in the News – What our analysts are saying…
> Events - MEF GEN15 Conference...

Vertical Systems Group’s research indicates that an evolution is underway toward Dynamic Network Connectivity Services that provide enterprise customers with on-demand control of their wide area network resources and cloud access.

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> Emerging SDN/NFV Market Serves Up Challenges For Carrier Ethernet Providers
> Differentiating Your Wholesale Ethernet Services in a Changing Market
> Rural Broadband: The Need, the Numbers, and Emerging Technology
> Vertical Blog - One Two Three, That's How Network's Meant to Be
> Vertical...

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> Business Fiber Penetration Hits 42.5% in U.S.
> Events – NetEvents Global Cloud Innovation Summit, MEF GEN14 Conference
> Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARDs – Year-End 2014
> Vertical Blog – SDV/NFV – When?
> Vertical in the News – What our analysts are saying…...

There is a lot at stake as the potential of virtualized services unfolds for network providers with Carrier Ethernet, IP VPN and hybrid Layer2/Layer services. What's the current status of their SDN/NFV deployments for 2015 and beyond?


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